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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver and on what days?

We deliver within a 5 mile radius of Forres, Moray, Monday to Friday. 

We can deliver outside the area of Moray on a Friday, call us on a 01309679220 to arrange.

Are you a shop?

No, we are a studio based Floristry business, you can visit by appointment or give us a call 9am - 5pm.

What service do you provide?

We provide a wide range including weddings flowers and decor, event dressing, flower bouquet deliveries, funeral work and sympathy flowers, we also run seasonal floristry workshops and can be booked for private events. We also do installations with dried and artificial flowers and foliage.

Do you sell floristry materials, wire/oasis, etc.

Sorry, no we don't.

Do you offer a click/call and collect flowers service?

Yes, we do, you can pick up flowers ordered from our pick up box, at your convenience, which is located at our studio.

If I want to book you for wedding flowers how do I do this?

You can call us or fill in an online enquiry form, we have a consultation with you, provide a quote and if you are happy to book us this can be done online here (shop/bookyourdate) 

You pay a deposit and this is deducted from your final bill for your wedding flowers.

Do you hire other items?

We have a large selection of decor items for hire, from vases to candlesticks, candelabra and even moon gate and metal hoops. Call us to discuss. 

How do I collect my flowers from the studio?

We have a storage box next to our studio where you can collect your flowers from. You will be notified when your flowers are ready for collection.

How should I care for my flowers?

Always use clean vases. If dirty, wash thoroughly with detergent and a bottle brush.

Dissolve some cut-flower food in the water before placing the flowers in the vase. As well as feeding the flowers, this will also help keep the water clean as it contains an anti-bacterial treatment.

Check the water level every couple of days and top up as necessary.

Change the water and re-cut the base of the stems every two to four days, re-cutting a little off the bottom of the stem each time.

Remove any dead or dying flowers to keep the arrangement looking fresh for longer.

Position the vase in a cooler spot in the room away from source of heat such as radiators and fires.

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